Food I didn’t post

I was hyper vigilant the first year about posting everything I ate.  This helped me publicly deal with everything involved in the Project.  I then moved into a phase where if I ate something that was not super healthy I would delay posting it and sometimes that would go on for two weeks.

Curiously I kept and keep taking photos of 99.5% of everything I eat. It is a check on myself and provides me some reflective time to decide whether I truly should eat it!

This gallery is of food I never posted on Instagram.  I want it preserved as part of the project and off  my phone!!


The X Warrior Challenge

Wow!  The X Warrior Challenge was a blast.  Truth be told, I was quite intimidated by the thought of such an intense physical challenge and it took me the 10 months since I agreed to participate to get *mostly* comfortable with the idea. Check out my original post on the X Warrior Challenge here:

I am so honoured that more than 20 people joined me in the challenge – supporting me and challenging themselves.  I am so lucky to have such amazing supporters with me during my journey and I hope that I have or can help them in some way during whatever journey they take.  That is what this is all about.

RoadWest Pictures joined me on the race course too!  Joel and Evan were amazing.  Joel ran the race outfitted with a helmet cam; they put a body cam on me and Evan followed us with the full video camera…for all 6k, 21 obstacles and just over 2 hours I took to complete the challenge.  I’m sure the footage is amazing and I’ll look forward to sharing it at a later date.  I was also filmed by the race’s film crew.    Amusingly, we had a very meta moment with Evan filming me and the film crew, me filming the film crew and the film crew filming me.

I found the race very challenging and I wasn’t surprised to discover that I could not complete many of the obstacles as they were intended. In lieu of completing the obstacles, penalties like burpees and mountain climbers were doled out.  I modified both the burpees and mountain climbers so that I could do them.  Let me tell you, I sure could feel my muscles for a few days after the race.

My favourite obstacle was an army crawl under 40 feet of barbed wire.  Why? I modified my XWarrior Compression sleeves to serve as skis and propelled myself forward like a luge.  Apparently innovation makes me happy.  I also enjoyed the rope climb at the end of the race where the team boosted me up nearly 20 feet.  Go Teamwork.

My results:

I am very proud to have finished the X Warrior Challenge.  From the start of this I wanted to compete against myself – to challenge my mindset around exercise and to complete the challenge to the best of my physical ability.  I feel confident that I met my goals last weekend on the race course.  I am so grateful that so many people supported me along the way, including my cousin Stephanie who traveled all the way from Salmon Arm to participate.   One final shout out to Darcy Charlifoux, the man who dreamed up X Warrior and worked tirelessly to make it happen. Thank you Darcy for bringing me on board to be an ambassador for your inaugural event.  You challenged me and my perspective on what my body is capable of.  You’ve helped me to believe in my physicality and I am excited to see how far I can push myself over the next few years.

Some videos that highlight the experience:

Video still square

Video still square2

Video still





The ShoeCamp


Our first official FAT Project exercise initiative.  On July 17 we had nearly 20 people join us for the first ever ShoeCamp: the BootCamp for Regular Folks.  The point of ShoeCamp is to get on your shoes and move.  Deliberately designed to be moderate, inclusive and family friendly, the ShoeCamp is about enjoying the movement your body can do.  A celebration of the fact that we exist and have the privilege of movement.

We had also had the privilege of partnering with Complete Chiropractic and Sports Therapy‘s Dr. Shereen Kangarloo and Choose to Change’s Geoff Starling CSCS. Dr. Kangerloo led the class with Geoff providing support and photography.

Some of the ShoeCamp’s slogans are

Our next ShoeCamp will be:

September 4, 2016
10:30 am
Memorial Park, Calgary – behind the Library

The ShoeCamp is free and open to all who want to come.  Moderate, inclusive and Family Friendly.

Check out the photo gallery above and this video:

Oh yeah

Oh yeah