Learning how to Race Walk with an Olympian

(Image: Felipe Dana/Associated Press)

One of the very special aspects of my new job is to meet Olympians and athletes of all kinds.  In my first few weeks I have had loads of introductory meetings with athletes, sport federations and other olympic related folks.  One of my favourites so far is a morning meeting which evolved into trying a new sport with Evan Dunfee. Evan is a leading Race Walker in the world and an all around nice guy.

Evan wrote a great article about Race Walking, which I recommend you read. And here is a primer on Race Walking:

Cover image credit: Felipe Dana/Associated Press

My 1 km Swim


Thanks to some pushing and cajoling by my friends and supporters I had an amazing free swim across Auburn Bay. It took me a long time at about 1 min/ metre but wow it was fun.

Check out the videos for the nitty gritty:

A Fat Man on an OCR


First off for the masses, OCR stands for Obstacle Course Race. On May 13, I had the opportunity to run my second X Warrior Challenge. It was hard and easy, it was tiring and energizing – I had a great experience.

There was this great moment:


Coach Pain who was leading the motivation of the racers with lines like. ” Do your legs hurt? Well guess what there are people with no legs! Do your legs still hurt?”

Ultimately, these kind of things are about trying.  Completion not competition.


ShoeCamp – Please Join Us ShoeCamp - Please join us


A new kind of class that everyone can attend.  ShoeCamp is safe, moderate, fun, inclusive and designed to promote physical activity and movement.

Bootcamps can be fun, but they can also be intimating and typically the exercise ‘modifications’ for non-athletes are still very difficult. We believe moving is an amazing thing and want to have  fun with absolutely ​any body of any size, any shape​ and any ability who wants to participate.

​Join us at McMahon Stadium, home of the Calgary Stampeders, for a 40 minute workout where you will stretch, walk, climb and dance your way to better health under the expert guidance of a personal trainer and sports chiropractor. Stick around for a chat at the end and learn how you can include these movements in your everyday life.

Click here to register with our official partner CBC.


What to Wear: Clothes.  Any kind, even stiff pants. Shoes, ideally shoes that you can walk in.


Upcoming ShoeCamps:

June 23, 2017 at 7:00 am at McMahon Stadium

July 28, 2017 at 7:00 am at McMahon Stadium

August 25, 2017 at 7:00 am at McMahon Stadium

Class taught by: Geoff Starling , Certified ​Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Assisted by: Dr. Shereen Kangarloo, Sports Chiropractor
Cheering and motivation: Paul McIntyre Royston, The FAT Project

Proudly supported by: CBC Calgary, The FAT Project, Choose to Change and Complete Chiropractic & Sports Therapy, the McMahon Stadium Society and the Canadian Obesity Network

Caveat: These are deliberately not traditional fitness classes.  All we promise is that you will move and we will try hard to make sure you will have a good time.  (Moving should be fun). All ShoeCamps are Burpee-Free zones.