Interview with my Dad: Part 1

My dad and step-mother Lorraine visited us and their grand children about a month ago.  Richard Royston graciously consented to sit down for a FAT Project filming session by RoadWest Pictures and this is 4 min of about 40 min captured in total.

I am very grateful to my Dad for doing this piece with me and that I have his and Lorraine’s full support on this journey.  Thanks Dad.

My dad was a letter carrier for nearly 30 years and trudged the streets – hence the cover photo.

417.5 lb is where I am now…

So where do I want to end up?  The answer is that I really don’t know.  I have never been a ‘normal’ size as an adult or really even as a child.  I have no idea what my ideal weight is.  The BMI scale suggests I should weigh 185 pounds, and this seems low to me.

My goal is to be healthy and fit, fit enough to run an Olympic distance triathlon (ie. Food Addict to Triathlete).  For fun, here is a 2 second video of me on a kayak this summer at about 420 lbs.


Two Days Before Launch

When you are about to something that is bigger than yourself, that you have waited your whole life to do, there is a level of anticipation, fear and excitement.

I have lost 50-65 pounds three times in my life: in 2008, 2001 and 1998. A few other times I put in some effort and lost 15-30 pounds.  I have always been a little afraid of weight loss programs, either because they are scams or because they restrict me in some way.  I have worked with a physician for two of the larger weight losses and I am ready to begin that side of the journey again.

This time I plan on using my 36 years of experience to my advantage.  Right now, I know that external forces are very motivational for me.  That’s where I will start.


Definition of Extrinsic Motivation: Taking action in order to obtain an outcome.  In the longer term, I do truly hope that I can exercise and eat well because I enjoy it, but it will take a while to get there.

And here’s a video about Extrinsic Motivation in Psychology. Enjoy.

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