Food Log – Day 14

Morning in the cabin on Friday started with some delicious french press made coffee with some yogurt, berries and granola. It then descended into an incredibly relaxing day with Sudoku, cards, dock jumping and games.

Christine’s parent popped in for a socially distanced visit and the kids played at this awesome play structure they had at the Brewery. In front of the brewery was this delicious pizza place!!! This is the the Buffawaiian? I think.

Always a vice of mine is microwave popcorn, which was included in the unlimited snacks in the cabin.

Dinner was a conglomerate of pepperoni and cheese, Sushi and chocolate milk! We had lost power at 5:30 pm or so and it never came back on!

Food Log – Day 13

Arleigh doing cross-eyes to the camera.

Today was the day we took two days off to stay at a rustic cabin in Muskoka. We needed a break for being in the same space day after day and always feeling like we need to fix something or get something done. We stayed at the Muskoka beer spa and they were great – I highly recommend.

I grabbed a quick leftover breakfast of two homemade tortillas, some cream cheese and hummus.

Followed in the car trip by 2 handfuls of cashews and a 2 cream coffee.

And a secondary snack of 200 calories of chips – oh road trips!!!

Bad planning for dinner resulted in takeout from the brewery! This was the spread we all shared.

Food Log – Day 12

Cover photo is from Sunday at the park.

Oh Tuesday! Breakfast with my fav pumpernickel and fruit. Plus coffee with Cream

Lunch of a leftover pizza slice and pasta salad with blackberries.

Mid-afternoon snack of hummus and wheat thins – probably 25% too much.

Christine made a stuffed porkchop for dinner, she made up the recipe. It was really good. We had rice and edamame as sides.

However on closer inspection the stuffed porkchop looked eerily like a very small pig – which was sad and awful.. I did still eat it. See the image below.

Finished off the night with a serving of peanuts and mint tea.

Food Log – Day 11

Cover photo is the kids at the park I took them to on Sunday!

I ate too much yesterday and so quite easily didn’t eat until lunch except for coffee. I am proud of this new found ability. Lunch was homemade bread, homemade hummus, salad with homegrown tomatoes, cheese and raspberries.

Snack was these fascinating dry pepperoni sticks (2) from Vincenzo’s.

Dinner was homemade pizza with a mascarpone prosciutto base (instead of tomato sauce) and some curried pasta salad and my most favourite pickle on the planet, Claussens.

We had a family treat of some vegan ice cream. Righteous Gelato(formerly Fiasco Gelato) from Calgary. Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter and Jelly – fairly tasty business.