And So the Running Begins…

Ever cognizant of the ultimate goal I have set, its time to get serious about my physical pursuits.  I like external motivation so I signed up for two events: Subaru Try a Tri at Guelph Lake ( September 1 and the Epic Tour ( to do a 100k ride on September 9.  I’m not sure I have fully wrapped my head around completing the events, in both cases, I told my wife that I thought I should of do them, so she signed me up. Go big or go home, I guess…

Back up two weeks ago, Christine and I started the conditioning phase of a learn to run 5k developed by Louise Green and published in her book Big Fit Girl: Embrace the Body You Have (Greystone Books, 2017).  The first week of conditioning, we dutifully completed our run/walk sequences as prescribed, but thought that another week of conditioning was in order. Last week was more challenging as we finished one of three workouts.

Conditioning Week(s)

5 minute warm-up walk

30 seconds run, 2 minutes walk x8

5 minute cool down walk


Nevertheless, we started Week 1 of the program this week:

Week 1

5 minute warm-up walk

45 second run, 2 minutes walk x6

5 minute cool down walk


We chose this program because I have never run before and we thought it was a gentle way to start out.  While the conditioning phase is gentle, that doesn’t mean that I found it easy to do; to be honest, I found it difficult but manageable.  So here’s to starting Week 1 – 45 second runs, I’m coming for you.

We would love to have a virtual group completing the program with us!  If you have ever thought of running, here’s your chance to start out with a gentle program and some online accountability and moral support.  Drop me a line if you are thinking of taking the plunge.


Photo by Jenny Hill on Unsplash

Menu Plan December 5 – 11

Last week was our first cookbook/blog author feature.  We chose five recipes from Rose Reisman’s Weekday Wonders and ended up cooking four of them last week.  The Baked Mac & Cheese was met with rave reviews – everyone at the table wanted seconds – and the Cheesy Beefaroni was met with the same enthusiasm.  Half of us loved the Greek Chicken and the other half thought it was fine and the Roasted Chicken with the tomato sauce was too ‘saucy’ for my crew.  Interestingly, Paul wasn’t an instant fan of the ‘cook from one cookbook’ approach and thought he would like some of our staples mixed in throughout the week.  I suppose we will give the current approach another try and take it from there.

This week illness and injury have taken up residence at our house.  I am not feeling particularly inspired and I feel like the menu plan reflects this.  Instead of dwelling on my lack of inspiration, I choose to focus on the positives of the plan: this plan is realistic – I feel like it is manageable so we will be more likely to follow it; most of the meals are light on prep time so I can tend to sick littles and my injured foot, and; the food is reasonable healthy and always includes veggies.  I bet the kids will really enjoy this week…well, maybe apart from Monday!


Menu Plan December 5 – 11

Saturday – Sandwiches and fresh veggies

Sunday – Burgers, Salad and Cucumber

Burger with caesar

Monday – Split Pea Soup, Biscuits and Roasted Cauliflower


Tuesday – Burgers, Broccoli and Potato (Paul ended up with a sandwich and salad)

Sandwich and salad

Wednesday – Beefaroni and Edamame ( Paul ended up with a sandwich and salad)

Prosciutto sandwich with blue cheese

Thursday – Homemade Pizza and Fresh Veggies (Paul ended up with the beefaroni, salad and some buttermilk)

CHeesy beef noodles

Friday – Feta and Bacon Stuffed Chicken Breast, Brown Basmati Rice and Green Beans

chicken stuffed

Menu Plan November 28 – December 4

In the name of expanding our repertoire of weeknight meals, I thought it would be fun for the FATKitchen to experiment with reader recommendations.  Every so often, I will build our weekly menu plan around recipes from a featured cookbook or blog.

Our first weekly feature comes from Malka who suggested that I look at Rose Reisman’s cookbooks.  Its been ages since I pulled out my collection (I have 4!!) of Reisman’s recipes so this was a perfect place to start.  We flipped through Weekday Wonders which promises quick-to-prepare meals that are also delicious and picked out 10 recipes that we haven’t tried before, but should.


Now that we have narrowed our chosen recipes to 6 and stocked our fridge and cupboard with ingredients, I look forward to a week of shorter prep times on some great looking dishes!  Check The Fat Project’s Instagram feed (@thefatproject) to see how the meals turn out this week – and every week!

This week’s menu:

Saturday: Date night!  Dinner out for the adults, pizza in for the kids

Sunday: Creamy Baked Beefaroni pg. 155


Monday: Veggie Burgers pg. 210

Chick pea burgers

Tuesday: Greek-Style Chicken pg. 176

Greek Style Chicken

Wednesday: Roasted Chicken with Plum Tomatoes, Green Peppers and Olives pg. 174

Thursday: Old-Fashioned Baked Macaroni and Cheese Casserole pg. 144

Friday: Tilapia with Coconut Peanut Sauce pg. 189

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