Leveraging My Birthday

I have been off the rails again as my pattern of food related self destructive behaviour continues. As readers of this blog know I have need moments of heft to get me going. Big notions that help me frame my actions.

I don’t know if it is ADHD related but crafting simple Black or White narratives is pretty critical to staying on board a behavioural change for me. In this case I am 42 today. (Obligatory HHGG reference) and why not use an arbitrary midpoint of my life as moment to pivot away from dependencies and behaviours that serve to hurt me and my long term health. I have attempted this many times. Oh so many. But the other option is give up – an my tenacity driven ethos just doesn’t allow me to fold every hand.

In reading documents related to ADHD and weightloss a recurring theme that appears to generate some success is intermittent fasting. I have dabbled with it for a few weeks before but not going whole hog.

I am doing a 16/8 fast eating between 12-8 pm starting today. I’ll drink water and black coffee in the morning. Given that working from home as resulted in less overall non-intentional activity, I also need an easy way to reduce overall calories. I believe that easy rules will be more easy for me to stay the course. I will re-evaluate at the end of January.

Current Weight 417 lbs.

Wish me Luck.