Measurement Log #2

Weight411.4 lbsNov. 1, 2020 10 am-11.2 lbs
BMI52.8Nov. 1, 2020 10 am-2.9
Waist67″Nov. 1, 2020 3 pm-1/2″
Thigh26 1/2″Nov. 1, 2020 3 pm
Bicep18 3/4″Nov. 1, 2020 3 pm-1/4″
Neck20″Nov. 1, 2020 3 pm

I waited about 3 weeks to measure and I am very happy with the result. A safe and steady 11.2 lbs so about 3.5 lbs a week to start. I ate lots of great food and being mindful led to a healthy loss. Really good impact on that BMI too.

I think differently from last time that these tracking is something I am going to have to be rigourous about for the rest of my life. Otherwise I will have a shorter life.