Food Log – Day 15

I love Jupiter! I view it as the most aspirational of planets in our solar system. The great red spot has always fascinated me because the storm is literally the size of earth and has been occurring for hundred’s of years. I often say aim for Jupiter and if you land on Mars, you’ll be the first.

We had a frozen night in the cabin, but lots of snuggling help. The Beer Spa offered free breakfast which was a necessary gesture after a night without power or heat. This was a veggie egg bowl – LOL but I really didn’t want oatmeal and that was that. Achy for the day because of my reaction with eggs.

A nice scone for a snack on the drive back.

We stopped at Christine’s sister for a quick visit. Lunch was a burger and some veggies.

We got back to KW around 5 pm and picked up Indian food for Christine and I. Butter Chicken was tasty business with naan,