Food Log – Day 10

Today was not a great day for eating. It was great day for getting stuff done though. We modified our garage door from a 93 old, very heavy, can’t open all the way and is sort of broken to making them carriage style doors split 1/3 and 2/3. I am very happy with the result and we used lots of bolts – hence the header pic.

I think part of the problem is that I didn’t incorporate many snacks into my day. I ended up eating four pieces of Chris’s amazing spanokopita! It had tofu instead of the egg and it was amazing. I at the first two at dinner and then the others at 10:30 pm when I can downstairs to help Christine unpack groceries.

I was worried that I would eat something if I came down and I gave in today. Next time, I’ll see if I can avoid that. I also at 8 of Avery’s oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. They were small but that is too many. For the popcorn I only had two handfuls, as that was for the girls to watch a movie.

Not a great day but also not the end of things – there will be days where I am not happy with how it went. This is about all days in aggregate and choosing better.