Food Log – Day 9

I woke up and started baking some french bread. I really do love making bread and even more eating homemade bread. I made a cup of coffee and played Screw Your Neighbour with 1 and 3 ( we have 5 kids). Then 4 & 5 (the twins) came down and made havoc!

Breakfast was more turkey – I really can’t get enough – buttered toast and a grapefruit plus one more coffee with cream.

Lunch was some tasty business with homemade tortillas for tacos.

We also finished the green tomato cake and discovered that both Avery and Christine had stomach issues!

Dinner were italian parmesan sausages on a bun – I had two. I don’t think I should have.

The header photo was one of my best moments with Bill Ptacek, the Library CEO when I was the Foundation CEO. He died last December. I had the honour of seeing him 10 days before he died and I am so grateful. He was such a great man and taught me so much. I still miss him.