Food Log – Day 8

Had an earlier meeting today and it was garbage day so it necessitated a brisk start.

Lunch consisted of leftover chicken pot pie stew, pumpernickel bread and an apple. After that, Christine made green tomato cake 🙂 It was tasty!

For dinner, we used the leftover mashed potatoes and made cheesy potato bacon waffles – obviously a hit! Edamame and a salad, filled out the veggies component. And I probably shouldn’t have but I did…have another slice of green tomato cake.

Interestingly, Avery and Christine both had reactions to the green tomatoes. Apparently there are substances in there which can cause upset in certain people – no more green ones for us.

There is also substantial evidence for arthritis related joint pain related to tomatoes including stiffness. I believe I may suffer from this along with my reaction from eggs. I am definitely stiffer today.