Food Log – Day 7

Christine bought one of my favourite breads, a dark moist pumpernickel. Here it is toasted with some butter, cheese and prosciutto. Coffee with cream and a serving of raspberries for breakfast.

Lunch consisted of a delicious homemade cauliflower soup and a turkey sandwich.

I ended up eating the sandwich at 3 pm, because the soup was not enough to sate! It ended up being soup & stew day at the McIntyre Royston’s with us have turkey potpie stew with some fresh potato bread.

We also shared a family dessert of lemon curd cake to celebrate human existence. It was 3/16 of the cake and around 200 calories. We sometimes buy a small deli cake and cut it into 1/8’s for the girls and a 3/16 for each of Chrisitne and I.

Last night was the hardest night so far for cravings and I was able to sustain not eating after dinner, but it was a close one. My stomach rumbled for a good 3 hrs but I distracted myself. I don’t know if it was not having enough calories during the day or not enough roughage. But it was an issue and I am going to have to watch it.