Food Log – Day 6

Started the day with more turkey, because brined turkey is delicious and we only have it twice a year! Also an english muffin with some cheddar and smoked salt + another delicious grapefruit. Coffee with cream.

Lunch was high protein and salad with a glass of milk.

I had a really tough time with emotion in the afternoon. I was feeling really down, kind of angry and overall just frustrated. It was difficult to focus on work and when Christine ask about dinner (we had planned tacos, but we hadn’t started by 6) I just said nachos and so she went to the store.

It wasn’t a great dinner and had a distinct lack of veggies (excepting guac and salsa…). I was still hungry and so added leftover turkey. The good part is that while I had thoughts of eating ice cream and other crap after 9 pm, I didn’t. By pushing myself to post on the blog and document everything again, it reinforces good behaviours :).