Food Log – Day 4

I started Thanksgiving Day with one of my favourites: Avocado toast. You are seeing half here as I almost forget to take a picture – a serious worry for the #foodphotologger. I learned from a good family friend who was a very mindful eater that she would eat less leading up to a big meal like a turkey dinner, anticipating that she would overeat, by sheer design.

Lunch consisted of some amazing homemade hummus – Christine found an awesome new recipe and it tastes like magic. I used carrots and peppers to dip and added Cottage Cheese for protein.

We had made the decision to watch the last marvel movie this weekend – Spiderman: Far From Home. We had the last hour to finish and so our midday carb was air-popped popcorn with butter and salt.

Last but not least, Thanksgiving Dinner. Turkey, a 21 lb named Rochester. We generally name our Turkeys out of respect. It started 15 years ago when we had 37 lb Roberta. We also had mashed potatoes, carrots, stuffing and of course gravy. The girls set the table all nice and pretty and we even had wine!

We finished it off with the best pumpkin pie I’ve ever had. Christine has this awesome flaky crust recipe from her Grandma Florence(who are 3rd daughter Arleigh Florence is named after). She then found this awesome filling recipe with cardamom – made even better after we carved up a whole bunch of pie pumpkins. Topped with lactose-free homemade whipping cream. Damn, that was an awesome meal – as I write this the next morning I still have Pumpkin Pie Memories going on….