Food Log – Day 3

The Sunday of thanksgiving weekend and I had good ole avocado toast – damn I love it. Since I discovered my egg intolerance during the last FAT Project, I have had to adapt away from eating eggs. I really enjoy them but the stomach issues and joint achiness isn’t worth it. Avocado toast really helps bridge the gap, with a little butter and some smoked salt – which we have been putting on everything.

Next up for lunch was leftover homemade bolognese sauce (Christine roasted the tomatoes herself), bread to dip with some more of those awesome pumpkin seeds, coffee with cream, carrots and an apple.

We used the warm weather to go and pick out the rest of our tomatoes from our garden – there were a lot.

We made some fried green tomatoes with a milk-flour batter. They were good but a bit greasy and the kids were mixed on them.

We made homemade pork and beef pattie burgers with cheese and some spicy jalapenos and chipotle mayo.