Food Log – Day 2

Started with one of my faves, Avocado toast. I toast, add butter, avocado and smoked salt – YUM. I also had a coffee with 2 cream when I went out to get some fresh bread.

Next up was a homemade Red Lentil soup with yogourt Christine had made two days ago. Tasty business but did give me some heartburn. I supplemented with a clementine, 1/2 and apple and a small cheesestick that I had picked up for the girls at Norris bakery.

I needed a snack midday and went to good ole protein full standby, cottage cheese.

Dinner was a high-fibre spaghetti noodle with Christine’s bolognese sauce + parmesan and some steamed green beans. There was nothing left on any of the kids plates!!

Lastly we watched the first half of a move after dinner and since we spent the day roasted 12 pie pumpkins, we also took the seeds and made pumpkin seeds. They were so good!!! I have never seen them for sale like this however.