Measurement Log #1

Weight422.6 lbsOct. 9, 2020 10 pm
BMI55.7Oct. 9, 2020 10 pm
Waist67 1/2″Oct. 10, 2020 3 pm
Thigh26 1/2″Oct. 10, 2020 3 pm
Bicep19″Oct. 10, 2020 3 pm
Neck20″Oct. 10, 2020 3 pm

I expected my weight at that level, but I was a bit surprised it was over 420. There is quite a lot of research on body weigh set-point which suggests that in individuals with obesity a new set ‘ideal’ body weight is reached at higher weights and that even with substantial weightloss the body tries to get back to that new ‘ideal’. For a long time that was 390 lbs for me and now it appear to have been upsold to 420 lbs.

There is a good and hopeful analysis of losing weight and resetting your setpoint here. The TL;dr is that if you lose 10% at a time and give 6 months to adjust to that level – it is possible.

Let’s map out that scenario for me. …. for FAT Project 1.0 it took 97 days to lose 50 lbs, and given I am starting on exactly the same day 5 years later I think it is likely to follow a similar path. Given that a 10% loss is 42 lbs (380 lbs) I am going to assume I reach that right after Christmas.

The setpoint argues to then hold for 6 months or so. This would have me be aggressive in June and lose 40 lbs by September 2021 to get to 340 lbs. Sit there until February and then lose 40 lb more by May 2022 and get to 300 lbs. (My lowest adult weight is the 317.5 lbs I hit on the first FAT Project.) I would then restart in July to get to 270 lbs by October and sit tight until March 2023. I would then lost another 30 lb to get to 240 lbs in June 2023. After enjoying the summer and fall I would get it on in November 2023 to kick some ass over the start of winter to get to to 215 lb in February 2024. I’ll have turned 45 in December.

In July 2024 I get it going and lose 20 lb more to get to 195 lb in October. Making this a 4 year cycle to get to where my height suggest I should be.

I didn’t do this to layout exactly what I was going to do, as I think that is unrealistic….however the process was beneficial to understand the likely length of time the 2.0 FAT Project will take. Even under other scenarios like 1 lb a week we are looking at 4 years…..

It was interesting writing my weight as 195 lbs. I truly have a very hard time picturing that. I literally have no personal experience at that size.