The messy middle

I have been a hot mess as far as consistency goes with the FAT Project since I found out we were pregnant with twins almost two years ago.  I’ve had great streaks in both great choices and terrible choices.

This continues almost daily as I struggle with binge eating coupled with measuredd portions and focused exercise.  They don’t go well together.  I really need a more level approach.

If you know me well you know that I set things high and then meander and stretch my way towards this bold goal and bring others along with me.  The problem is while that has worked in my career, it is NOT working now.   I cannot continue the FAT Project with just the Olympic distance triathlon as the target.

I must take the small steps each day to move toward what I want.

  1. Daily Walk – I don’t care how long
  2. Biking Goal – my wife and I are coming to an agreement about me earning a road bike this year. How much I have to ride etc..?
  3. Get a coach – I have avoided this out of fear and ego.  I have one for leadership, I NEED one for the FAT Project.  Ideas? Interested?  This isn’t a sport coach yet. (That comes when I can actually properly do a triathlon)
  4. 5 Seconds – Before I eat anything at all….I must take stock for 5 seconds about what I am doing.
  5. Name my obesity.  I follow the Canadian Medical Association approved definition of Obesity which frames it as a disease.  It isn’t my fault but it is my responsiblility.  I have read that cancer patients often name their tumor.  So I will too…….and I want your help to pick!
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