Completion, not competition

I am slow.  I have always been not physically fast, so I fully expect to be last in whatever I try.  I said yes to my first Obstacle Course Race(OCR) in 2016 because I believe in completion not competition and because I committed in the FAT Project to say yes when things are offered.

Darcy Chalifoux from X Warrior Challenge reached out to me because he had heard about the FAT Project and was looking for a “non-fit” participant (my words 🙂 to run and share their story.  I was scared: 23 obstacles, lots of climbing and rolling and groaning.

Now after 2 OCR’s complete and contemplating flying in for a 3rd in May, (msg me if you would join my team) I find I love the camaraderie, the energy and even the sweating.

We often just do the same things every day.

We often don’t want to try new things because we probably won’t be good at them at first.

This fits both.  So get off your butt and try it.  I did.