Yes it is a disease

The day I started the FAT Project, was the day Obesity was declared a disease in Canada (October 9, 2015) – this was entirely coincidental!

Whenever I talk about obesity as a disease I tend to get a skeptical look.  They don’t buy it.  They think it is all will power or calories in/calories out.  Usually these people haven’t struggled with weight or have found it easy to control.

I am told that people will use ‘the disease’ thing as an excuse for being fat.  Okay, so what if they do?  4 decades of shaming and dieting in our obesogenic world have led to a more obese world.  It is time to try a different approach.  By understanding my struggle as a disease:

Disease: a disorder of structure or function in a human especially one that produces specific signs or symptoms and is not simply a direct result of physical injury.

Is Anorexia a disease?  Mental Health? Is drug addiction a disease?  Obesity is complex, multi-factorial and needs a variety of treatment types.  Recognizing this empowers me to seek a multitude of treatments and in fact acknowledges that most likely a treatment of less calories and more activity will fail for the vast majority of people who suffer from obesity.

The disease is NOT my fault.  It is not my fault I am obese.

It is however my responsibility to seek treatment for my illness.  And that is the essense of the FAT Project.