It’s over.

That is what I wanted to write.  I am a very low point emotionally( I have been for at least two weeks) and with my mood. I feel like I just want to retreat into a a little hole and not let in the outside world.

Typically I am that guy who is universally jovial and excited. I often sing at work and like to bring my enthusiasm to bear in every endeavour in which I participate.  That hasn’t been the case lately, though I thought I was getting out of it yesterday after some good conversations.  I was singing, not feeling morose

I have wondered if I should share this so publicly.  Does it damage me professionally in some way?  But I conclude that if it does, these are not people I want to work with.  My FAT Project journey is about so much more than weight.  It is about healing what has caused my obesity and let it continue.  And I believe the main cause is how I handle emotional turmoil, situations and challenges.  For years it was so easy to eat problems away, to use food to cope. But now, I need to handle things more thoroughly and deeper.  There are always stressful situations.

Thankfully eating is going well as is activity; I walked for over an hour this morning.