Stop telling people to lose weight It is just not helpful.


I know of no one who struggles with obesity or being overweight who hasn’t been told to lose it.  The weight in itself isn’t bad.  See Hibernating. It is conditions that it raises the risk for and reduced mobility which results in less physical activity.  I marvel how much easier it is to move when I weigh 325 lbs instead of 420 lbs. Below is a really interesting read on a doctor who has stopped telling their patients to lose weight.

Could I walk for an hour everyday?


I really do like it. I have some regular walks that I am reasonably consistent in doing. I don’t always look forward to them but I am always happy after the fact. There have also been a lot of news stories about walking and health / walking and weightloss recently.

So new plan, please ask me to walk and I’ll do my best to say yes. Walking meetings!