Double Trouble

So this got slipped in the web version of the CBC interview!! So here is the official news….

I don’t know if you have noticed lately, but we have been eating out more and have chosen more prepared meals than normal.  There has a been a very real reason for this.

Back in early summer, Christine was struggling with what we thought were health issues, but it turned out that she was pregnant.  I haven’t talked much about it, but Christine started her own health journey well over a year ago and has lost 80 pounds.  In her case, one of the non-scale victories she experienced was that her body functions better and the result was a welcome surprise…or rather, two welcome surprises.  We are expecting identical twin girls in the early spring.



We have known since July and adding this into our life hasn’t always been smooth sailing.  Things have been hectic for me at work and Christine has been experiencing fatigue and food aversions.  Meal planning, which has been a staple in our lifestyle for some time now has proven more challenging and even during weeks where we have planned and shopped, sometimes following through with those plans just hasn’t happened.  On the nights where there wasn’t a plan or where the plan hasn’t happened, I usually stop on my way home to pick something up or we head out for a meal.

Our family outings have also been somewhat curtailed.  Christine and I work together to make sure we get the family out of the house for different activities like walking, hiking and biking.  We haven’t headed out for our long bike rides as of late, or the occasional trip up the side of a mountain.

The girls, Christine and I are all looking forward to welcoming the newest members of our family. I know that there will be challenges for me in the FAT Project, (exciting ones)  and I look forward to meeting them and working through them to reach my goal.