Travelling to Helsinki

So I am in Helsinki and suffering from some serious jetlag!  I went to bed at 6 am, after trying really hard.  This is particular humourous as I never have sleeping issues.  I am presenting at the Reshape Libraries Conference in Helsinki.

Here is my talk.

Travelling is such a pleasure but it poses some unique challenges with regard to eating well.  In the middle of last night my body thought it was dinner time so it wanted to eat really badly.  I was able to resist because I could manage to.  I had eaten some snacks regularly on my first day here.

I had packed two protein bars with me and tried to err on the side of protein snacks like cheese and meat.  I will commend KLM airlines as well for the exceptional tasty food on the flight from Calgary to Amsterdam. (I post pictures later).

I also went for a 5 km walk my first night and had an amazing experience in the city centre.  This push for activity is very new to me for travelling.  I walk a lot on our family trip to BC and Ontario but previously when I was by myself I didn’t have the capacity to be active.

I think it is so important to try an experience new food when I am there. My two favourite meal so far: ( I had the Menu Suomi for the second meal) Check out reindeer.

14484781_10154403999850926_8850112764749433293_n 14358976_10154399347555926_578876101071596416_n

I don’t have a scale with me here in Helsinki, but I haven’t worn my suit in a month or so and it is hanging off me.  I have it on for my presentation today and that is just a very special feeling.