11 months / 90 lbs / some reflection

It is hard for me to fathom the length of the journey so far, I have never been on a health related kick for this long. The FAT Project and the photos of my food have become so nested in my daily activities that I can’t think of not doing it.   And I am loving how I feel (I’ll go in depth on this for the 1 year mark).

And yet the road is still rough.  Yesterday I ate too much at lunch because I didn’t plan and pack a lunch properly at home.  I went to an Indian restaurant, ordered too much and then ate it all (Estimated: 1500 calories)


This didn’t sit well physically or emotionally so I ended up eating too much at dinner too.


Christine had taken the kids to Bragg Creek for our eldest’s mountain biking class so I didn’t need to be home until 7:30 pm.  The idea of the ever delicious Noodle Box popped in my head and since I was already in a challenging food space, my resistance was weak and I went for it.  It WAS as delicious as ever (this is the Cambodian Jungle Box btw – 681 Calories) – however with the Indian food at lunch there were just too many calories.

I am writing this the next morning and have no desire to eat at all.  11 months ago, the morning after I over-ate I would have still had a big breakfast. This feels good.

This highlights a very important aspect of the FAT Project – I have the disease called obesity.  I always will and it will always need to be managed.  I started this project the day obesity was declared a disease in Canada by the Canadian Medical Association.  At first I couldn’t grasp how it could be a disease – isn’t it just my fault for eating too much?

The answer is no.  It is a complex condition with many contributing factors especially in our overtly obesogenic environment in N. America.  A complex condition requires comprehensive solutions in diet, exercise and medical intervention and also requires a high level of mindfulness and self awareness.

This is why I am with the Calgary Weight Management Centre and Dr. Walji.

This is why I work with the Complete Chiropractic and Sport Therapy clinic and Dr. Kangarloo.

This is why we started the ShoeCamp.

This is why I take a photo of everything I eat and

why our partners at RoadWest Pictures are documenting the journey.

Thanks for being part of the journey – I would love to hear more about yours.