So I plateaued but didn’t….

Last week I had an appointment at the Calgary Weight Management Clinic.  It was well overdue – I haven’t been in 6 months!  I missed an appointment in late June right before we left for my High School Reunion and I attend the clinic for follow-ups every 3 months.  With a busy summer full of visiting, travelling and work, it felt really great to go in and focus on my goals again.

I feel like I plateaued after losing 80 pounds.  I weigh myself on a digital scale at home and my weight has been static for a few months now which has been somewhat discouraging.  Over the last few months however, I have noticed that my body shape has continued to change.  My clothes are fitting better and I have even gone a size – proof that the scale is not king when it comes to body transformation and lifestyle change.

At my appointment, Dr. Walji shared this chart:



Each of those increments is 5 kg and they are very pleased with both the overall loss as well as the rate.

Those who read regularly know that I am not doing the FAT Project to lose weight but to feel better and run an Olympic Triathlon at the end.  In my case, weight loss is a part of feeling better and it will help me reach my goal.