The ShoeCamp


Our first official FAT Project exercise initiative.  On July 17 we had nearly 20 people join us for the first ever ShoeCamp: the BootCamp for Regular Folks.  The point of ShoeCamp is to get on your shoes and move.  Deliberately designed to be moderate, inclusive and family friendly, the ShoeCamp is about enjoying the movement your body can do.  A celebration of the fact that we exist and have the privilege of movement.

We had also had the privilege of partnering with Complete Chiropractic and Sports Therapy‘s Dr. Shereen Kangarloo and Choose to Change’s Geoff Starling CSCS. Dr. Kangerloo led the class with Geoff providing support and photography.

Some of the ShoeCamp’s slogans are

Our next ShoeCamp will be:

September 4, 2016
10:30 am
Memorial Park, Calgary – behind the Library

The ShoeCamp is free and open to all who want to come.  Moderate, inclusive and Family Friendly.

Check out the photo gallery above and this video:

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Oh yeah