Plateaus and activity and counselling and more…

So if any of you saw my Instagram video a few days ago:

Stil from Insta Video

I am feeling very much like I have hit my first plateau and it is definitely affecting me emotionally. ( Notice I say I first plateau – there will be more).  I have been like a tempest in a teapot, and I feel right now like I have no more coping mechanisms to deal with life’s challenges.  Food WAS the way for me to handle stress, difficult emotions and challenges.  In many ways it works well, however as I have said before it is definitely a visible addiction. I no longer use it to the extent I did, though I think the popcorn is a manifestation of this.  And while I have greatly increased physical activity I have not found a healthy way to process and deal with difficulties very well.

I will be taking advantage of our Employee Assistance Program(EAP) at work and going for some counselling/therapy sessions.  I need to do some processing and thinking through on how I can replace or change the need for food.  I have talked before about this journey only partially being about food and that I would have to heal in many ways if I am to be able to have a lifelong healthy relationship with food and my body.  The counselling will be valuable and the time is right. At the very least I will report back how there going, maybe even some video if the counsellor is comfortable with that.

Interesting thing is while the number on the scale has been between 332 and 339 lbs for the last month (down from the start of 417.5) – roughly static, my size has gone down several inches all over. I had the delight of wearing a dress shirt that I haven’t worn since 2008. (It is the only shirt I have that needs cufflinks!)

The reason for this is the exercise – so first my Banff hike:

And my first real bike ride by myself in a loooong time:

And my up-to-date walking data:

 June 9 4831 3.00
8 3779 2.17
7 10796 6.51 FATwalk
6 4941 3.07
5 8318 4.91 Callaway Park
4 12096 7.15 Family triathlon(not me)
3 8471 4.87
2 10872 6.68 Banff Hike
1 6149 3.91
Average 7806 4.70
May 31 10969 6.48
30 7918 4.82
29 12222 6.96
28 8095 4.52
27 4934 3.08
26 3743 2.32
25 3599 2.27