Made Foods

As an XWarrior Ambassador, I was privileged to receive a gift card from a sponsor, Made Foods.  We went to their Willow Park location after driving home from a conference in Jasper.  The whole idea is chef created meals that you take home to eat.

I had the Mushroom Flatbread which was delicious. We reheated it in the oven and served it with our own Quinoa Tabouli.


I also bought their Norman, Creamy & Luscious Almond Milk. (hilarious name) It was one of the best Almond milks I have had in terms of smoothness but I recommend having it mixed in with something and not just straight from the bottle – I had envisaged a cinnamony smoothie but it was much more of a milk #yesterdaysbreakfast.


They are well worth a visit and have a very extensive selection of breakfasts, lunch and dinner.