Weekend Update

Breakfast on Saturday Breakfast Wrap with Ham Cappucino on Saturday Dinner Party with 4 meats Frozen Lemon Tart Meat and Vietnamese Food Mushroom Pizza for Lunch Shallot Macaroni Small Wonton Soup Truffle Oil Popcorn Appetizer Unsalted Peanuts

This is my weekend.  It was delicious.  It was too much food and my tummy was off a bit however.

It was also a busy weekend punctuated by events and parties.  We opened a new Library on Saturday, named after a donor.  Both our Foundation team and the Library MarCom team put in tremendous effort and we had over 1800 people that day.

On Saturday we headed to a friend’s house for a great party with amazing food.  I ended up performing a fake wedding (which I can legally perform…long story) and the kids got to bed too late (10 pm).

Sunday was a busy day getting chores done for the week.  Other the standing all day Saturday I also didn’t have any dedicated exercise, which made me sad.  (That’s right, I am actually wanting to move more) #bigstep

Here is a video talking about the weekend.