Repeating a hike – 5 months later

The first time I did the hike I was angry, frustrated and not wanting to go. This time my wife asked me if I wanted to go on the hike and the answer that percolated up was still no.  But I said, yeah, let’s go.

We hiked up to the cave at least 30 minutes faster and I took a shortcut and actually sweated.  That’s right, I had sweat on my brow.  It was pretty good overall and I am just a little sore today.  Probably should go do another one.

I was also more than 60 lbs lighter which makes a difference.

See the new and old videos below….

April 11, 2016

Before the hike2

AFter the hike2

November 12, 2015:

Before the hike1 

AFter the hike1