This is not a diet


I have been getting lots of great questions and queries lately – this is awesome. One of the key purposes of the FAT Project is to engage people in the journey.

I think about this a lot when I don’t eat ‘perfectly’.  White bread, sugar, fat etc…  These are not bad foods, I don’t believe there are bad foods – just foods that have different nutritional compliments.  Ultimately they all provide calories and energy for your body.

The reason this isn’t a diet, is because I am going to eat like I am now, for the rest of my life.  So here is the new FAT Project Motto: Mindful, Joyful, Delicious.  I very deliberately want to savour and enjoy all the amazing sensory experiences that foods provide.

For most humans I suspect, food has so many levels too it.  I am reading a book written in 1991 called When Food is Love, by Geneen Roth and she real nails this concept well.

Food makes me feel good and for more than 30 years ( I am 37) I have used it to control the world around me.  My abuse of food helped me deal with emotional pain and hurt, feeling left out and dealing with a mother who was sick. In Roth’s books she talks about individuals with a lot of ‘damage’ in their lives like physical abuse as the reason they  treat food like that.  I do not think that it is a necessary pre-condition at all.

I have never been abused, I had and have amazing people in my life who care, nurture and support me. But. like any person, I have flaws, weaknesses and wants.  In my case these have come together and I have developed obesity.  A disease called obesity.  That does not negate my personal responsibility in any way, it actually allows me to accept where I am at and then begin in MY treatment.  The specific way that I will handle and plan to improve this medical condition.

I have chosen the FAT Project, because its suits me.  It suits my personality, my aspirations, my ego; it allows me to be the actor I have always been and use it for tremendous good in my own life and hopefully other’s lives.

My this has been a meandering post!  Thanks for taking the time read.

PS As for the X Warrior Challenge Folks – we are pushing ahead and have 12 on our team – I would like to get us to 30 by August. Msg me for info!

Update from the Calgary Weight Management Clinic


My commitment to doing a few things as recommend by my doctor at the CWMC.

  1. Set up my bike by Saturday March 5 and ride 22 minutes weekly (length of a tv show).
  2. Call my cardiologist to re-book for an MRI – see if I can fit in the tube this time. –> Call a private MRI company to see if they are interested for the sake of the FAT Project

You’ll notice the quality of this video!  Joel, from Roadwest Pictures goes with me to most these visits and gets us some high-quality footage to be released at later dates to tell the story in a more fulsome fashion.

I have also linked the original FAT Project trailer below – I am quite pleased with the difference in my chin size!!