Grateful Wednesday

Moods, moods, moods.  They are so annoying.  I have been feeling very down again and other than the ups and downs of my work, I can’t pinpoint anything to find a reason.  I suppose the reason is my own humanity – and that just sucks sometimes.  Oh, do I long for the future when my entire consciousness can be uploaded into a machine – or maybe I don’t….

On brighter things, I need a pick me up, so I am going to list the things in my life that I am grateful for; big or small and in no particular order.

Family – Christine, Avery, Adelaide and Arleigh to start.  Cuddles, silliness and adventure.  We got Adelaide a new big yesterday and she can ride it like a demon already. I think we are going to go and ride the roads at Elbow Falls, because they are blocked to cars until May.  Care to join us?  Adelaide has also asked to do a bike ride for her birthday.  We are going to do the 24 km ride from Banff to Canmore.


The rest of my family – my Dad and Lorraine, Christine’s parents, my stepbrother and every aunt, uncle and cousin – provide an important grounding and base

Humans – the friends, friends that are family, the people who meet my children and we call uncle and aunty, my colleagues, these are the people that are making the world a better place

My job(s) – Foundation CEO, Library External Relations Guy and FAT Project Founder – I led the effort last year to rebrand the Library and the was such an awesome opportunity

My ideas – those who have spent time with me in person, know that I have a lot of ideas swirling through my brain, some of them actually good. They really bring me joy.

Singing – Most people don’t want to hear it, but I love to sing

Being open – go ahead, ask me anything…. I like being open and public, extroverted and putting on a show, regardless of the venue

My Smart Car – the thing is ridiculous and that is what brings me such joy.  It can park anywhere.  I just get a smile driving that thing

Weird things in general – anything that strikes me as out of the ordinary or weird.   The geeky, the crazy… standing out makes me happy.