The problem with Eggs

Egg white omelet2


Alright, I think it is official. I had eggs (Egg white specifically), 3 days ago for breakfast and it took until today to not feel achy. A muscle achiness that affects my entire body but is especially bad when I wake up and have to hobble to the washroom in the morning. It is also bad if I am sitting somewhere or driving for any length of time. Now that the egg is out of my system I feel way better.

I wouldn’t be surprised my often felt achiness even when I don’t eat eggs separately could be a result of eggs in other foods.  I am going to have to test that theory.

Interestingly, this makes me really sad.  Probably the saddest(in a genuine way as opposed to a malaise or being down), I have been on this journey so far.   I don’t want to stop eating eggs.  They are completely fabulous and delicious to me and to not ever have them again sucks.  But I also need to listen to my body and respect its needs.  Eating mindfully for these last 156 days (, has made it very clear to me that while my body is very malleable in terms of what nutrients it can use, things that cause disruption must be avoided.

The eggs make it so bad that it greatly reduces all my physical activity, leaves me grumpier and tired and generally just makes life so much harder. Waking up not feeling sore and achy is such a privilege and I want to go back to that.  Do you have food allergy or intolerances that make you feel terrible?