Dinner on a bad day of eating

This is the third in a series of posts about a stereotypical day of not eating well.  You can check out Lunch and Breakfast as well.

I normally get home from work around 6 pm and Christine would typically have made dinner for the family to be served sometime between 6-6:30 pm (or we would order takeout or go to a restaurant) There were days when I would get very hungry around 4 – 5pm and feel a very hard to resist push to eat.  My typical choice would be 7-11 and I would get the following items on a typical visit:

Nachos and Cheese (800 Calories as I added a lot of extra cheese)


3 Taquitos (180 – 280 calories each)



1L Chocolate Milk ( 640 calories)


1 donut (160 calories)


I would then eat a regular dinner that Christine would make, let’s low ball and say 1000 calories(the instagram feed has lots of dinners that were typical, but I would eat a lot of even healthy food).

I would eat dinner even if I wasn’t hungry – which if I ate at 4 or 5 pm I certainly wasn’t. The reason for this is the shame I felt about it and I did not want to share that I had just eaten a bunch of food after she put in the effort to make a nice meal – so I would eat a meal after having just eaten one.

We then add in something that I would do on regular basis – eat a whole pint of Ben and Jerry’s – About 1000 additional calories.

So for a evening I would have consumed:

800 Calories
690 Calories
640 Calories
160 Calories
1000 Calories
1000 Calories

Total: 4290 Calories

Add in Breakfast and lunch and for a definitely non-typical and a very bad day of eating we get at total of

2550 Calories Lunch
1530 Calories Breakfast

8370 Calories

Apparently I have something in common with Bradley Cooper!

I don’t think I ever ate exactly like this on a day.  But I highlight this to talk about that addict word in the FAT Project.  These foods, eaten in in this manner had a lot of control over me, to the point that they were extremely hard to resist.  They are still difficult to resist but I have the Project and right now it is my best motivation and ally in resisting things like these foods.  I hope this illustrates the complexity of these wayward days…there have been many instances during the FAT Project where they seemed perversely appealing.

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