The Chiropractor

Two weeks ago, after an hour long indoor walk in my dress shoes with a board member, my left leg started to ache.  Two painful weeks later it turns out I have sciatica pain probably coming from my back.  (Sciatica)

I am rather broken. 🙂 I have had frozen shoulders, lots of back issues, knee issues and lots of achiness (seeing if egg avoidance helps that)

Before Christmas, I had an email from Dr. Shareen Kangarloo from Complete Chiropractic and Sports Therapy.  She had heard about the FAT Project and wanted to do something to assist.  We met and yesterday was my first visit.  I am totally impressed by their attitude and service so if you are looking for support, I would recommend.  We will be bringing in RoadWest pictures to shoot a full session too!

I received acupuncture and even have tape on my back for a few days, I am back on Monday to try to keep tacking this sciatica symptom.  Thankfully it is only sitting down that really hurts – walking and standing are just fine.

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