Popcorn Problem

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In the past week I have had popcorn 5 times. This was too many.

My wife Christine took a very well deserved break and headed for week off in the sun with a good friend. That had me and our three daughters(Ages 6,4 and 2) together for 8 full days of daddy/daughter time.  We really did have a great time with lots of activities.

I took time off from regular hours at work but I had a number of big meetings I needed to be at. So we had help from friends and some babysitting. Needless to say the week was crazy busy!  I worked more than 35 hours (usually at night after the girls went to bed) and actually had a pretty productive week.

In terms of coping with all of this busy-ness I turned to food a few times, primarily popcorn.  Filling my stomach with it after a long day of caring for the girls and working was easy and quite fulfilling.  Now popcorn is overall not a bad choice but I would add butter, salt and some parmesan flakes – which is super delicious btw.  So we are probably looking at 400-600 calories at least when I did this.

I haven’t gained any weight mind you but I have also been pretty static all week.

While I was eating it and usually before I even made it I had the realization that I was doing to ‘medicate’ myself.  To soothe the stress of the day.  Often I am able to work through these feelings and choose tea or water instead.  But there are times when this resistance feels to hard to muster.  This is one of the reasons I am writing about it – by making public it will be easier to make the choice to eat popcorn when I am hungry and really want popcorn as opposed to when I just want a full belly to make me feel better emotionally.

Thanks for listening. 🙂




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