Are you up for a challenge? Please join me.

A couple of months ago I was asked to be an ambassador for a brand new adventure challenge with big ambitions. Now there is nothing I like more than big ambition and a passion to make things happen.


The race organizers would like to take their races across the country but they are starting this year in Calgary. They recruited me because they were looking for someone with a story like mine. Someone with a regular or low level of fitness who wants to make a change in their lives. Behold the X Warrior Challenge.

As an ambassador for the race I am asked to blog about the training and experience and assist in recruiting people to run the race and help make it a success. January 31st is the last day of a reduced registration fee and coincides with me wanting to recruit a team. The FAT Project team is already at 4 people and I love to make it way more!!! Not only are these races about personal accomplishment but they are even more fun when you have a support from a team.

If you ever wanted to try something physical like this I invite you to join us. It is a 5km journey with around 20 obstacles at the Stampede Grounds in Calgary on August 27th, and I have signed up for the afternoon portion from 12-4 pm.  The organizers are incenting me to recruit by offering 10% of the entry fee for people who use this link:

First Click on Join a Team:

Join a team

And then start typing FAT Project:

team FAT Project

And then click the EARLY BIRD SAT AFTERNOON BOX 12:00 – 4:00

early bird

The fee goes up at the end of January. Please join Team FAT Project as we tackle the X-Warrior Challenge – if I can do it, you can do it.  My goal is to complete, even if it takes a really long time! This also links to one of my New Years Resolutions.

Christine and discussed it and we will be putting any proceeds into an after party and supporting the FAT Project. And to add to the crazyness we are launching t-shirts for the FAT Project- and I will be wearing these when I work out!


The US dollar  is really killing things right now.  The shirts were priced at $13.99 US but with the exchange they are running at $19.66 CAD – sorry for how terrible that is!!  Teespring is a great company and makes very high quality shirts so you won’t disappointed!! and they ship globally. The shirt/hoodie sale runs like a kickstarter campaign so we need to get out 15 and there are 19 days left.

Thank you for all the amazing support so far and I do hope you will join the team.