Skip the Restaurants?

My wife sent me a link to this story this morning. The TL;DR is that you should reduce the amount of restaurants you eat at because portions are too big and they are hard to resist.  I definitely agree, but this is always a tough road to navigate especially if you spend a lot of time working in a downtown and haven’t made time at home to cook properly.

We have been meeting with a finance coach recently (which we think is awesome by the way) and restaurants also cause a lot of pain for budgets.

The one thing I have enjoyed while eating out during the FAT Project is that at least 75% of them will retweet or like my instagram post if I have tagged them.  This helps me get the word out for the FAT Project and highlight that there are good choices out there.

Here are a few of my restaurant meals lately:

Stone Bowl
Stone Bowl 7th and Macleod SE Calgary
Blue River
Blue River Cafe – 12th and 2nd SW Calgary
Subway – literally everywhere….
Boxwood – Memorial Park Calgary

The headline picture is from my cousin Harold’s restaurant in Kitchener, Ontario.  Tasty business if you happen to be near, especially the beer.  The Bent Elbow

2 thoughts on “Skip the Restaurants?

  1. I added up the calories for subway and they are 620 for the basic sandwich + 45 cal for light mayo and 60 for the flatbread, plus the baked chips and we are still under 800 which is a full lunch but not out of line for a 2100 calorie a day diet. I still waiver between the 6″ which isn’t enough and the 12″. I wish they made an 8″!!!

  2. I would suggest that in this case, the article is bang on. But it is an article about research done in the States and on American restaurants. Not necessarily true in Canadian restaurants (although we all know those restaurants that “oversize” their portions). With the possible exception of Subway, the pictures you posted show reasonable sizes and reasonable content. Although the budget thing (especially in Calgary – is it just me or have the prices gone way up?) can’t be argued with, either.

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