Egg Allergy/Intolerance?

For a long time (10+ years) I have had a reaction to eggs.  It used to just be uncooked yolks that would cause me to visit the washroom about 20-30 min after eating them and involved some cramping.  It was more an inconvenience than anything else and I could prepare for it.  It gradually has gotten to the point where the whites affect me in the same way as well.

In the past few weeks I have also noticed what I believe is a new symptom.  Achiness and muscle fatigue to the point where I have some trouble walking around without muscle relaxants.  I had attributed this to being obese and a general result of eating poorly, but I think this symptom may just be tied to eggs.  Because I can now look back and see what I have eaten back to October 9, 2015, I can see my egg consumption.  And it overlaps with my physical symptoms that I am talking about.

Now, let me be very clear.  I love eggs.  I love them fried, scrambled, poached, over-easy, on burgers, in noodles, stone bowl, omelet – every which way.  They are full of healthy and yummy goodness, and I am quite sad over this development.

So I am going to go three weeks without eggs, starting on February 15.  Why wait you ask?  Well Christine is heading away for a week and I will looking after the kids full-time and I don’t want to add the burden of different breakfasts in that time.  I also don’t know if this includes eggs in baking as I don’t think I have the same reaction.

I know of one other person who has egg problems, are there more of us?

Egg white omelet

A delicious egg-white omelet

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  1. A naturopath I worked with once suggested I give up chicken eggs as part of an elimination diet test to address some other issues. The suggested alternative was duck eggs. Something about chicken eggs being more acidic and duck eggs being more basic. They are still delicious but have a slightly different texture and taste. I think there was someone at the Kingsland Farmers Market who was selling duck eggs when we lived in Calgary but my memory is a bit foggy.
    Good luck!

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