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I went downstairs tonight wanting to eat a lot.  We had about half an angel food cake left and I wanted to eat it all. I then went to the pantry to look for something that would serve the same purpose.  It all kept coming back to the fact that I knew I deliberately wanted to eat too much to feel better.  The FAT Project has been designed to assist in times like this and I will say that it worked.  I kept thinking about the picture I would have to take about eating half a cake and it truly had me reflect and make a different choice.

For the past 100 days I haven’t been able to use food as much to regulate my emotional state, and I have been actively choosing not to.  So the questions arises….how am I dealing with my emotions?  As this video on Facebook can attest, it isn’t always rosy.

Video Still

I haven’t gotten into exercise enough yet to use it as an emotional regulator, but I am hoping it can assist with that. As my body changes and as I begin to need new ways to cope with my feelings, I have the sense that I am going to learn a lot about myself.  What do you do to assist with emotions?

I ended up eating some popcorn tonight, which as a snack is a good choice (we air pop).  But it did feel that it was helping to control my emotions. Baby steps….

3 thoughts on “Emotional times

  1. Within the last two years, I have quit every unhealthy coping technique I used: drinking and smoking! The food crutch seems a bit harder as you don’t really “quit”… but maybe I can quit certain unnecessary temptations like chips! Hmmm… I’ll be working on this as well.

  2. I think that is a great idea Judith. I think it could work in the same way a picture does. It changes the mindset and therefore alters the moment in time when you are about to eat something.
    Thank you.

  3. My best regulator is to acknowledge that wanting something and having it are not inextricably linked. Having acknowledged that I want it (not just food), I go do something else. Usually the wanting is distracted, but not always. I just acknowledge it again and keep going. Also, 3 – 4 minutes of mindless exercise often helps, such as walking around the block (nice weather) or walking around the rooms in my house (bad weather). This can be done many times a day, depending on how things are going. Hope this helps.

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