50 lbs, 97 days – How do I feel?


I feel great.  It is a bit surreal, and almost snuck up on me.

The big change for me has being the adoption of the idea that this is how I am going to eat for the rest of my life.  This decision and mindset shift has made the process so much easier and look at the amazing food I have eaten this week alone:

IMG_20160113_174349[1]IMG_20160107_124528[1] IMG_20160109_081206[1] IMG_20160112_131152[1] IMG_20160112_181134[1] IMG_20160113_071927[1]

The FAT Project has been about embracing life and about saying yes instead of no. I would love to hear how you have felt after a big weight loss or getting to a milestone on a journey…


7 thoughts on “50 lbs, 97 days – How do I feel?

  1. Chris P.P. is looking at an April hike for us. I may be interested in September but I do have two big races in August! Thanks for the well wishes Uncle Ed.

  2. Oh yeah… Almost forgot. Do you want to hike the Grand Canyon?
    There is room for one more in September 2016.

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