Number 5 of 2016 Aspirations + Resolutions

This year, I will do something I have never done.  I will participate in 3 races.  As many of you know, one of the reasons that the FAT Project is what it is (Food Addict to Triathlete) is that the last time I lost weight (65lbs) I reached a total weight of 325 lbs and completed a Try-a-Triathlon in 2008. This was the one and only race I had ever done in my life.

This year I have set my sights higher and have committed to three races – with a goal to complete them….not in any prescribed amount of time, in fact I expect to be last; I just want to get them done!

The X Warrior Challenge – This a special event I have been invited to be an Ambassador for!  They asked and I said yes!  Please consider joining me for their Stadium event in August (223 days from now according to their countdown clock!) It is 5km with obstacles.

The Banff Grand Fondo – Probably the Medio distance (90 km). A beautiful bike race in the mountains.

Some other race….a 5 km… hopefully May or June…. I am looking for suggestions, should be within a few hours of Calgary.  Please comment below!!

All of these races of course are practice and preparation for the Olympic Triathlon in 2018.  I invite you to join me in any of these as my physical misery would certainly love company!

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