Number 4 of 2016 Aspirations + Resolutions

Take a picture of myself with no shirt on once a month

Alright so this one is perhaps a bit silly.  I resolve to take more pictures of myself without a shirt on!  I have only done it once in the first 12 weeks of the FAT Project and I really do want to make sure that I document the process.  As I have written about before I unexpectedly found it very emotional and difficult to do.

I wanted to ask others, what do you feel shame about with your body that you dislike having a picture of?


7 thoughts on “Number 4 of 2016 Aspirations + Resolutions

  1. Tracey, thank you for being so open and honest too. I believe that our body’s telling an amazing story about the life we have led, and it is quite amazing that almost all of us really do feel shame about them. Whether it is from a birth, an injury, struggling with obesity….these are part of our story. Glad that my story is helping!

  2. There are so many areas of my body that I would not want to share! I do take ‘private’ photos of myself (minus my head, JUST in case someone found them, ha ha!) for documenting my own journey. I especially dislike my tummy, I went up to 204 lbs with my second son, then he was a c-section and I’ve really never been able to budge the blob on my stomach that was left from that weight gain and with the scar, I have concerns that if I DO lose the weight, it is going to be floppy and hang over the scar. I will try to build as much muscle as possible under my skin and hope the has enough elasticity left (I am nearing 50!!) to bounce back. I also strongly dislike the backs of my thighs and the tush isn’t great either. I will say, despite being horrified to be in a bathing suit, if we are on holiday somewhere really hot, I will still toss off my cover up and make a dash for the water! ha ha! The older I get, the less I care, no one is ‘perfect’ and I don’t have to be 🙂 I wanted to share that I have started to exercise by taking my girlfriend’s dog out for long walks (we both need it!) and I am eating as close to vegetarian as I can. You are a big part of inspiring me to make positive changes each day. Thanks so much for sharing your journey and your honesty!

  3. I refuse to wear swimming suits because I really dislike my thighs – which is a shame as I love being in the water – especially at a beach! I also cruise a lot and avoid the pools and hot tubs for the same reason.
    For some reason thunder thighs run in my family on the paternal side, and I inherited the most thunderous of all!

  4. Thanks Mike. I have never know any other shape. It is going to be really interesting finding out and this is one of the reasons we are documenting the process.

  5. So happy for you paul. for me I have plenty of stretch marks and still some pudge here and there, but molding myself back to how I would like to be is coming along quite well…slowly and steadily, my shape is returning to how I wish it to be. I believe you can do the same thing, by creating your own shape as you wish it to be…wishing you well as always

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