11 thoughts on “Number 3 of 2016 Aspirations + Resolutions

  1. The jeon looks delicious – we will have to try it. I think I have had everything you mentioned, except chia seeds. I was a vegetarian (mostly) for 10 years so tried lots of alternative proteins – I like them all.

  2. Thanks Judith. I agree, I would rather try fresh Durian, but the frozen one is the only one I have seen here, I’ll check out T&T. I don’t mind kohlrabi, very odd looking though! I have had plantain, but I think only cooked…. I am intrigued.

  3. I loved Durian when I ate it in Asia. In Singapore we watched a dozen people or more opening their Durians right beside the vendor (which provided tables). They scooped out the creamy fruit into plastic containers and left the husk for the vendor to include in his garbage. Problem is we can’t get properly ripe ones here, as stated in the article. Not stated in the article is that you MUST open it outside so the smell disperses. Otherwise, you will smell rotten something in your house for a considerable period of time. I did recently see whole Durian in Calgary, probably at T&T or Lamda (on Centre Street). ps The best Kolrabi is found in Asian stores such as Lamda – it’s a large Russian variety. How’s that for multiculturalism! Finally, I hope you have tried ripe plantain. If not, ask for instructions. A fruit of the gods!

  4. Racking my brain to think of something new….I’m guessing broccolini is probaby so de rigueur that you’ve already tried it. Have you had much quinoa? Chia seeds? Rice or almond flour? Cashew milk? I’ve never had tempeh or seitan. I did try TVP (texturized vegetable protein) when I tried going vegan for a month, it was quite good. I’ve never tried sauerkraut which may seem odd but I have had kimchi. I am going to be trying many new vegan and vegetarian recipes in the coming weeks, will let you know how that goes. I just made jeon for lunch, so yummy, here is the recipe if you’d like to try it! The dipping sauce makes it 🙂 http://brendid.com/korean-vegetable-pancake-jeon/ I also made a super yummy bulgogi on the weekend, over steamed rice and steamed fresh green beans, also very good. Look forward to hearing what you eat next and how you liked it!

  5. Jicama is almost a sweeter version of kohlrabi. Lots of great things you can make with it and sold at many grocery stores and T&T Supermarket. This store is fun to find new foods to try.

  6. Ooh, that is exciting. I don’t think I have ever tried it. Is it a regular grocery store purchase or do you have to go to a specialty shop?

  7. Just wanted to say this was my FAVOURITE of your resolutions. It’s attainable, it teaches new habits (introducing yourself to new flavours etc.), and it’s adventurous. This one will be a piece of CAKE, Paul!!!

  8. I think this is a great idea to expand our palates and find new foods we love.

    I tried durian in Peru in 2009 and I am not a fan. It is a very strong smelling fruit…

    Have you had kohlrabi before? One of my favourite vegetables. I peel it and then slicr into veggie sticks. It is usually a very low cost item at the store and I grew them in my garden last summer.

    I would also like to try mizuna. And Dragon Fruit is a fun one we have tried.

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