“Perfect is the enemy of the good” – Voltaire

I was signed up with the Provincial Bariatric Resource Team of Alberta Health Services for a while and still get their e-newsletter and this good nugget came out a few weeks ago…

“Perfect is the enemy of the good” – Voltaire, La Bégueule
You may have an idea of what a ‘perfect’ healthy lifestyle would look like for you. As you go through your journey toward a healthier lifestyle, it’s easy to take the small positive changes you’ve made for granted, or feel bad about yourself when you aren’t doing all the ‘right’ things.
If you’re focused on being perfect, it’s easy to let small mistakes blossom into bad habits. If you think “Now I’ve blown it! I guess the rest of the day is a write off,” you could try to remind yourself “This wasn’t planned, but I made healthy choices before this and I have the rest of the day to make different choices.”  The truth is that nobody’s perfect.
We live about 80 years on average and we learn everything as we go along with no innate knowledge – just instincts that we often ignore and abandon.  I believe that my body is much better at taking care of itself when I can get my overly-involved mind out of the way.  So I want 2016 to not be as much about the conscious choices my mind makes and more what me body needs to become more fit, effective and healthy.
In an effort to live a better year in 2016 than in 2015, I also believe I need to accept my flaws more.  In some ways this is what the FAT Project is all about.  So gone, accept and embrace all your parts even the ones you inevitably don’t like…

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