Number 2 of 2016 Aspirations + Resolutions

Ride my bike trainer for 23 minutes once per week – I have owned a Cyclops bike trainer for at least 8 years and used it maybe ten times.  My inlaws gave it to me very thoughtfully to support weightloss efforts and the funny thing is cycling really is the only physical activity I have every had a feeling of joy from.  The 23 minutes corresponds to the length of a typical half hour show – because I really want some extra incentive!

Bike trainer

2 thoughts on “Number 2 of 2016 Aspirations + Resolutions

  1. I’m going to join you on this one Paul, my husband just got back our bike trainer from my BIL and it’s sitting in the basement right now….so if you are going to do it once a week, for 23 minutes, so am I! 🙂

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