Number 1 of 2016 Aspirations + Resolutions

Walk up the Memorial Park Library Stairs (front) to my office once per week  and film it to be able to document my 52 walk-ups #ihatestairs – I work on the second floor and for four years have probably only climbed our main stairs a dozen times.  The elevator has always been my friend and I even have a key to it. (I may one day give that up too).


S (specific) – Walk up the front stairs to my office on the 2nd floor
M (measurable) – Once per week
A (achievable) – Definitely
R (realistic) – Much more than I am doing now and not far fetched
T (timely) – Well scheduled and easy to implement


2 thoughts on “Number 1 of 2016 Aspirations + Resolutions

  1. Good for you Paul – that is definitely SMART thinking. Good Luck!

    There are 12 steps from my parkade level to the lobby at my condo, and I have committed to walking up them daily, with the exception of shopping day once a week, when I simply cannot manage my cane and shopping cart too up the stairs! On those days I walk down to the next lower level and use the elevator, which adds about 200 steps to my day – so it’s a win/win either way!

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