The Anniversary of My Mom’s Death

I have spoken about my mom before in the video with my Dad and I but haven’t really written about her, her influence on me or her death in 2000. She struggled with disease, primarily her heart for most of her life.  And typically was on 20 meds at any given time.  She was the 7th person in Canada to have open heart surgery Continue reading “The Anniversary of My Mom’s Death”

Fat Positive Friday #9

I don’t know how people smaller than me deal with cold weather.  We have always kept our winter furnace at 18 C or below, often 16 C (61 F), and we have found this to be cool but quite tolerable even in short sleeves.  But now after losing nearly 10% of my body weight, I am cold!  It has always been a point of pride in our family that we keep our thermostat low in the winter, saving a tidy sum in heating costs along the way.

Apparently I am moving away from the hibernating grizzly bear I was….

7 Strategies for Christmas Eating

The Christmas season is upon us, and now more than other times of the year we are bombarded with temptations at work, with every Christmas and New Year’s party and eve
n while we watch television.  So far over the last 10 weeks of The Fat Project, I have used some strategies that have served me well and I will double up on them for the holiday season.  I recently learned that the average Christmas dinner contains 3,500 calories…what’s more is that most people consume over 7,000 calories on Christmas day.  That is a full belly!

  1. Enjoy it…but one bite at a time – try everything, one spoon, fork or nibble at a time and only take more of what really is making you sing “Joy to the World.” Joy to the world
  2. Eat before a party – Eat a well-balanced but light meal before the party (1/2 veggies, 1/4 protein, 1/4 carb) and then you can say you have just eaten and politely decline most of the appys and snacks.Lunchbox-Fun-Healthy-Food-Plate
  3. Take a picture of the food on your plate and post it to social media – (just say you can’t believe how gorgeous it looks, if people are looking at you funny) Not only will you make your food look good on your plate, but you are guaranteed to make better choices if you are sharing with the world. IMG_20151120_191506
  4. One plate only – No seconds, really, no seconds.  If you desperately need a turkey and gravy injection, do so on the one and only plate you are going to eat. (Dessert is the exception…) 1-studio-shot-of-place-setting-kristin-lee
  5. Eat slowly – Everyone wants to be done so they can get at the pies, puddings and shortbreads. You will feel like you are in control and owning it, and you may stop before you are completely stuffed.  Let others attack the dessert first…baby-turtle-eats-strawberry-big
  6. Don’t eat everything on your plate – It is NOT rude or impolite to not eat everything you take.  Our eyes are bigger than our stomachs and you want to save room for dessert!Nanaimo
  7. Drink lots of water – not as tasty, but almost as filling.  You just won’t be able to eat as much.  Try a glass or two right before a meal to help lighten the evening.Water bottle

I would love to hear your strategies for healthy eating over the holiday season.  Lets share and have a Merry Christmas!

FAT Project Resolution Party

Come one, come all and bring your family.  We are hosting an open house for all followers and supporters of the FAT Project on January 1, 2016 from 1 pm to 4 pm.  It is a drop-in party with some scrumptious, delicious and nutritious eats.  Come and enjoy some company on the first day of what will be an amazing year.

Please email for the address of our home and let us know how many are coming with you so we can plan. Please RSVP by December 29th.  We will have a bouncy house in the basement for kids too!

My resolution for 2016 is to keep on, day by day, my work on the Project and to ramp up my regular physical activity.

Do you have a resolution to share?


We will also have some big announcements for the year.

See you at the party.