Fat Positive Friday #6

I can leg press over 400 lbs and can push pretty much anything with my body mass.  I didn’t realize until I saw a women who lost weight and lost her ability to move heavy things that I will most likely lose it as well as I get smaller.

As I walk around at 400 lbs, my body adapts and builds muscle to accommodate this extra mass.  I have always been greater than 325 lbs as an adult so my muscles are used to carrying and moving a heavy mass.  Imagine if you walked around with a Fat suit that doubled your body weight.  You would probably get very strong quite quickly!

I will miss this.



2 thoughts on “Fat Positive Friday #6

  1. No need to miss it, Paul! When I was losing weight a decade or so ago, I joined a gym and worked out daily (mixing up the workouts of course!) and actually became stronger!

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